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You are entering a long story of my ordeal with Pret A Manger.


Clive Schlee, CEO of Pret A Manger labelled me his “late night girl” during my trauma.
I decided to adopt his patronizing label to be a sore in his sight after what I went through in this company that hides how it really is behind the shiny PR[et] facade.



To get to my most important Blog entries first, as my website has grown and it may be difficult to reach important blog posts, please click on the link here below:


>>> Pret A Manger Use Bereaved Against Bereaved <<<


and at the bottom of the post are links to other important blog entries. Those are the most important to get a good look at what I went through, as well as also highlighting other staff ordeal. And to get a bigger picture, but still be linked to certain important posts I created a “Mind Map” that gives an easier overview faster in My Pret A Manger Ordeal

I am “shadow banned” on social media where my posts are hidden or deleted at times, my likes are not visible etc. Twitter, Facebook Profile and Facebook Page are affected as Pret must have reported me. No new readers can see my new tweets, “likes” and won’t find my posts in search. Also, my followers won’t be notified of any new posts, likes and DMs. Even Facebook PRIVATE messages are deleted by FB.

If you speak out against injustices or post about political subjects on social media, check if you are shadow banned at times on Twitter by putting your Twitter name on this site: www.ShadowBan.eu and enter your Twitter name. A shadow ban lasts usually 24 hours or 2 days, but some Twitter users have complained about being shadow banned for a week. On Facebook you will only know if other can’t see your posts, likes etc.

It only means that my writing is making an impact while Pret remains silent not responding but via  secret censorship trying to silence my publications. But I won’t be silenced.



>>> How I became Late Night Girl




In memory of my big brother Thomas.

*25.02.1969 ~ 09.12.2014



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