Bad A Manager

What is “bad” leadership?

When the Captain of the ship jumps first.

When the manager blames downwards, instead of taking responsibility for his or her mistakes, because that’s what they learned from their bosses who in turned learned it from their superiors… until you cannot find a higher authority.

So, they stoop upwards and step downwards.

And the blaming game is passed on from “generation to generation” of managers.

Only rarely do you meet a real leader, who goes against this easy trend. A leader who lifts his or her hand, owns up to their mistakes and works towards correcting it, if possible. A true Captain taking responsibility.

To me the difference of a manager vs. a leader?

A manager (just about) manages, a leader leads. Super simple.

And before anyone puts this into their training material or book, you read it here first.

(Avoid the “P” word 😉 )

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