Pret is Recruiting

and £1000 is the incentive.

I write so “blunt” because I almost lost my life.

Pret minus Bridgepoint + the German JAB Holding Company + Luxembourg = No tax.

Pret has arrived in tax haven!

Forget VAT Eat in or Take Away.

As a side-note at the start, Pret became aware of my blog and website here late on the 28th to the 29th May. The CEO of Pret tweeted the below at night on the 29. May probably as a reaction to my blog? Maybe not. As I don’t believe in coincidence anymore I see tricks and traps on many a corner.

My life got so hurt and traumatized by Pret, with all the tricks and traps you dealt me with, after I wasted my sweat, blood and tears for close to 10 years, almost losing my life.


12K vs 20K


It used to take 10 years service in Pret to receive £1000. If Pret is giving all their staff £1000 it means they need to recruit.

In 2016 the numbers of the employees was 20,000 now it’s 12,000? What happened to the 7,999 + myself within 2 years? Or are the 12,000 from the UK only excluding the USA, Hong Kong, Paris, Dubai etc? I know what happened to me, but what happened to the other 7,999?

Usually Pret gives cakes to their shops when another financial milestone was reached, but this generosity means Brexit is advancing fast, new recruits are needed and my blog is a sore in their sight. Also, to announce the £1000 ahead of the deal being finalized just to quickly react to my blog, as usually rewards are given after a deal or a milestone has been reached, not before.

Is the £1000 for every employee as a preparation when Pret makes a statement or action regarding my writings? A good way to get all or as many employees on the side of Pret, to say what a wonderful company Pret is and that this “late night girl” is really out there, sick and distorting things. Is that the plan?

That’s okay. In time things always come out. In time people often will get more courage to tell their story.

When I was a Team Leader I raised standards in every shop I worked, helping them to more success but never receiving any rewards. I used to be the highest paid team leader because of how I worked. When the bullying started during trauma I became extremely angry. And not only did I not even receive appraisals where I could learn where I was strong and where I can improve, but the shop went to number 1 and up the top 10 in general, never a reward, no feedback, absolutely nothing. One later GM’s tactic was to hold me low while I was going through the worst time, flipping out, being vulnerable while he called me “a strong character”. This kind of “leadership” laughing about my illness.

This GM, who didn’t want “the area to feel sorry for him anymore” because I was thrust in his shop in the middle of grievance hearings, shock etc. He is one of the very few Pret people that I have no space for an “Open Letter” on my site.

I wrote a terrible tweet to Clive Schlee and Pret yesterday out of a drunken stupor, because I worked for 7 years in Pret as an extremely good Team Leader when my brother died. I was then bullied and targeted on top of my traumatic bereavement by several superiors under the watchful eye of HR. Grievance hearing after grievance hearing were conducted in tricky ways, not impartial.

They knew I was bullied and mistreated and took advantage of my vulnerability, while I was giving them the benefit of the doubt again and again. I was too traumatized in grief to see clearly while always being tricked.

For three years I approached HR and managers with suggestions and ideas on how to improve support for bereaved staff. But the knives in my back became too much. I had a target on my back from the moment I approached HR informally to bring suggestions in May 2015. I was so naive. Unbeknown to me at the time, it was the beginning of the end for me. It is no wonder that hardly anyone approaches HR in this systemic and toxic work environment in society today.

I became ill and wrote thousands of emails that re-traumatized me. One of my last line managers just laughed about it with the leadership team. There is no protection against the discrimination of the bereaved and mentally ill.

But the worst thing they’ve done was to “introduce” me to a development manager who supposedly had a similar loss with her brother, but our introduction was not to support me (or her), it was for her to give me a disciplinary for all my terrible emailing. The disciplinary itself would have been fair IF another hearing manager would have issued it. But the development manager giving me the disciplinary for emailing (electronic communication) and then entering into secret solely electronic communication, confusing and frustrating me further that my ill emailing behaviour intensified again.

I was then unfairly dismissed just 5 months short of my 10 year’s service where I also would have received £1000, the development manager of course is safe in her job as she served them well. But I don’t care for the money part, what was another blow, I was fired while my father was in intensive care just out of a coma.

When you read that all staff now receive £1000, even when they just worked a day, yes, this can make you bitter when you learn this, except that I was never after money and have declined 4 offers of settlement, because I don’t “prostitute” my values for money, especially not the peanuts I was offered, but not even a million pounds could have done it. All the events around it was the terrible thing.

@Pret, I am very sorry for my ill emailing and twittering, and you will bring me the consequences, which is your prerogative. Your development manager in the end said to me that I am making myself enemies. I am telling my story before this short life is over. Too many people suffer, become depressed and suicidal that someone needs to stand up and tell their story!

I was ONE, you were and are many, you have all the resources, manpower and whatever you can come up with (at the bottom of page 11). Do you still refuse to acknowledge how out of proportion this was and is? No amount of money could have fixed this. It feels like that you cannot wait to see me completely destroyed.

I am more hurt than you are, to be writing like this, if you believe this or not. To be entrenched in this system that you probably don’t even realize how wrong so much of how you, as a GROUP of influential professionals have acted towards ONE single broken down person, and indeed everyone on the “front-lines” of the business, who are the ones making you all this wealth. This is something I’d expect from the financial world, a law firm and certainly politicians with their merciless cut-throat and elbow mentality, but a sandwich place? Just for more money? Sure, you seem desperate to recruit now being suddenly so generous to all staff. Don’t turn too socialistic now, it doesn’t come across genuine!

Do you know the hope I felt when I met a person of similar loss, as my grief became so complicated, and still is? And then to just find out after a while that this was yet another trick!? Again?!! I think I have written enough for anyone to honestly understand, if they truly take inventory of their conscience, that this absolutely crossed the line! You stepped one too many times on my dignity. And that one nailed it!!

My anger I have to overcome again and hope not to get bitter and stuck. But it is a no-brainer that I was acting irrational, sick and angry. And that I still, or rather am again angry after the whirlwind of my father’s illness and death, being fired right in the middle of it. If you would have not bullied, tricked and trapped me, can you imagine how I would write my blog now? I am someone who usually goes out of my way to brag on people, encourage them and let everyone know how amazing they are. The story might have gone like: “I was bereaved traumatically and Pret really helped me”. But this I will never be able to write, and some the support you gave, that was for show and the Tribunal. This missed opportunity from Pret is forever lost from my end. You did not deserve my work, my skills, my talents and my passion. You did not deserve it at all. And I certainly did not deserve you.


“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

― Mahatma Gandhi




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