A Summary of my Turmoil

As this site has become quite large and cluttered, to me some of the more important “Open Letters” and experiences I summarize in links on one page here. It is hard for me to put it into one story-line, but in time I will be able to do this. As both sides are waiting for the Tribunal to confirm the closing of my claim, as I cannot mentally cope not having a lawyer or Union rep, once the case is closed I know I’ll receive the consequences from Pret. So be it. Until then I am telling my story as this has almost ended my life.

I want to make clear again that I have done many mistakes, a lot wrong, but never to offend or hurt people. I have become very ill and feel that I’ll never recuperate. I was alone while a bunch of professionals did their thing to cover up and trick and trap me. Anyone in my shoes who would have done it better in my circumstances, I want to meet you! Would the real slim shady perfect person please stand up!

Because life is short and too many people suffer and remain silent, I don’t want to suffer in silence.


All the Open Letters in links on one page

Key Letters:


Thank you for reading.

Life is short, please be kind to yourself and others.



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