Undercover Employee


The TV show Undercover Boss is a good concept if it is real without faking it for its brilliant PR. Maybe the emotionalism of it all didn’t hit it off with the real worker on the “front lines” of the business, like X-Factor & Co did (a little bit).

There will be undercover employees hitting the shelves soon.

In Britain there is a CEO who labeled me his late night girl, after my trauma of writing countless emails late at night.

My brother died + bullied in Pret = emails emails emails emails emails emails emails dot com….

This over-the-top-on-Twitter-and-being-in-touch-with-the-shop-floor CEO had a laugh which enabled everyone else to have a laugh on my account.

Ignorance at its best. Bullying at its worst.

I’m sure CEO has a great slogan and strategy to cover up the trauma your firm company, that he calls family, has put me through.

Pret’s CEO doesn’t need to be undercover because he knows the harshness of the shop floor but doesn’t do anything to ease the burden on his employees. Rather the opposite.

To give £1000 to every staff member as an incentive because Pret is desperate to keep and gain staff, with Brexit fast approaching, is not fixing the problem of how people are treated on a daily basis.

Anyone who cares, be the scholar that you can be and read through my and others experiences here!

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards,

Late Night Girl2

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