Joan of Baez

Don’t underestimate a petite voice with a great appetite for justice!

Joan Baez is not just one my favourite artists (alright, she’s on many people’s playlist!), but she knows a prison cell from the inside for all the right reasons!

A true hero in art and humanity.


Sarajevo 1993




©2018 (R-TM)


3 thoughts on “Joan of Baez

    1. Yes, she’s amazing. I’m really grateful to have been able to see her twice in concert. The world needs more Joan Baez-es who don’t just sing about injustices but get out there supporting others in the middle of conflict doing something. Reminds me a little of Marlene Dietrich who accompanied the American forces to the front-lines against Nazi Germany. She didn’t just sing sweet little songs to entertain the troops, she stood by and with them!

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