When HR gets it Right NATURALLY!

… without having to advertise or use it as a slogan like Pret’s HR dept. does, claiming that they are “Doing the Right Thing Naturally”. I was bullied during bereavement and tricked and trapped by the HR dept. THAT was natural for them.

If I would have worked in the below company Seidel GmbH & Co KG, especially during bereavement, my life would be very very different now and I would be writing a completely different blog!

I still can’t get over this, what the following company unanimously has done, kick-started by their HR Manager Pia Meier. HR, their leadership and all employees, that is combined support at its best!

THIS is what HR should be there for, looking out for its workforce in the interest of ALL, employees AND employer.

There are good people in this world! And it doesn’t take much to help when everyone carries a little bit of a load that would have otherwise crushed the one person the load was on.

If companies are only out for profit and to fill their pockets with millions while they fire people, and now make others redundant, bully their staff etc. in the long-run that’s what they will be known for.


In the meantime HR staff like Pia Meier and the whole company of Seidel GmbH & Co KG in Germany, have a spot in my “Hero” section. The employment world needs more people like Pia Meier and this company!




Pia Meier, HR Manager


German report with English subtitles


3000+ hours overtime for a colleague Andreas Graf and his son Julius

Father able to take 1+ year off to care for ill son


There are too many heroes hidden behind all the bad news everywhere!



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