☺️Pᶓȵfĩℓả 💕 for the Hero Section




This Lady, ☺️ Pᶓȵfĩℓả 💕 is a hero I want to give space in my “Hero” section for tirelessly researching and raising awareness of violence and brutality against people, especially the vulnerable ones.

I hope my fellow bloggers are not cross with me for not including you, this is for a greater cause so-to-speak, to keep raising awareness where ever we are in the world to not close our eyes to suffering and injustice, like Penfila’s mission says: “I love to give a Voice to the Voiceless. I believe I have that potential!”

Yes you have! You reach a lot of people! But even one is enough who then passes it on to the next… and to the next….

We cannot stop all the suffering in the world and it will always be there, but we can ease the pain a little here and maybe in big way there, and certainly give a voice to the voiceless. We are not saviours or Superman, but each of us have a voice that can contribute, even a little bit, to someone’s health, freedom, recovery as well as our own health and recovery. And if we come together our voice will be amplified and heard further and wider and longer and louder…

And if I have one plea dear Pᶓȵfĩℓả, don’t stay alone, be with a group of like-minded people, never put yourself in danger, always get help. And make sure you also do some fun stuff in-between, because you have a life as well that needs to be enjoyed and lived. Because you give so much, you can burn out sometimes. Take it from me! 🙂

Thank you for what you do!


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