Dear Readers, followers, friends, strangers,

please READ and PASS ON.


Niki Flow

mombeachMom: Connie 
My mom is in the hospital.  She had very serious surgery this morning. She is in ICU and expected to fully recover, in time, but she is in a lot of pain. Asking for your prayers and good thoughts.

benSon: Benjamin 
Please also pray and send good thoughts to our family. My son Ben disappeared on March 2, 2016. No one in our family and none of his friends have seen nor heard from him since. His national missing person case is here:

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2 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. Yes, if you like, could you re-blog Niki’s page?

    If I was a mum, I am not, but I was a mum missing my child I would want the whole word to re-tweet, re-blog etc.

    It would be great. The nightmare Niki is going through I can’t even begin to imagine. Let’s re-blog, retweet, whatever 🙂

    And thanks for point me to Jane Basil’s poetry who was the one to re-blog Niki’s post in the first place!


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