Terry Crews for the HERO Section!


Terry Crews


My Hero Section is growing!

His story and the experience he tells is completely different to mine, but there are so many similarities that he touches on when it comes to the abuse of power in leadership. After sharing his own conduct as someone who dominated women and people in general, he came to a change and was at the receiving end of this behaviour.

He came to see what complicit system harassment and the abuse of power to dominate is, and also how he struggled alone by himself to deal with abuse and bullying in the film industry, trying again and again to address this with them by himself naively thinking they would look into this and change! I am glad I’m not alone in this, thinking how naive I was giving the benefit of a doubt more than I could even afford.
Really worth watching this if anyone wants to get inspired and get a good dose of hope!


Terry Crews Testifies On Sexual Assault & Survivors’ Bill Of Rights


Especially this part I can relate to in my experience of workplace bullying:

I can so relate to this in terms of bullying, the hopes to get help and the complicit system where there will never be help internally! It took me years to finally understand this as systemic, always doubting myself and thinking ‘what’s wrong with me??!!’ Nothing!! A lot is wrong with them in their system!

That’s why I collected these from other websites as my story sounds too unbelievable to people!

And what he says here is my experience as well. Quote:

“When you’ve been victimized you are now behind enemy lines. And you’re trying to find a way out. You literally have a spoon, and you’re trying to dig a tunnel. And you’re trying to dig your way out to safety, and no-one around you is gonna help you, no-one believes you…”

I can soooooooo relate to this metaphor in my workplace bullying experience. I was even taken for a ride by an OPs manager (Operations/Area Manager) holding an appeal’s hearing I raised against a line manager who repeatedly shouted at me, and then sent me out in a broken-down state and in tears to do customer service, in a company that prides itself in customer service! I was asked by the OPs in the hearing what my “definition of bullying” is! I wrote it already in another blog about this, but in hindsight I’d like to answer this question with the question of what this OPs manager’s definition of bullshit is! But I need to find myself some sweeter words again to find some calm!

So, this definition bull-crap question had me gobsmacked, and this is how I can relate to Terry Crews describing this like being behind enemy lines trying to dig your way out with a spoon! I then started to drink and became ill turning completely into ill behaviour myself due to the sheer majority and being outnumbered, doubting my own gut.

I believe the truth always comes out of wrongdoing. Always, sooner or later. Someone just needs to make the first step. And more people will come out and speak up, no matter what tricks and PR is in place.



2 thoughts on “Terry Crews for the HERO Section!

  1. Absolutely, I’m so encourage that he and many others are finally believed and taken seriously! What a little hashtag #metoo can do!!

    With general workplace bullying though I believe the road is very very long as this is global with the multi-billion coporations, especially companies like Amazon is extreme in bullying. I am phasing out my Amazon account, I don’t care if I cannot find a shop close by to purchase something I need. I’m content.


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