My Brother had 3 Cats


that survived approx. 6 days while my brother lay dead in his flat.

The police said that his flat was mayhem, the cats rampaged and pooed everywhere, probably in distress.

My brother was a very tidy and a well kept man, you had to take your shoes off when you visited him, just like in my flat. But when they found my brother with his 3 cats being alive, they said the place was chaos.



My brother’s first cat


They were able to capture 2 cats not realizing there was a third one.

The third cat escaped later through the open door which the police couldn’t capture. My brother’s neighbour said that they see the cat outside sometimes, but the cat will not let anyone come close. It just goes from door to door for food, but disappears again.

They must have been so traumatized seeing their “dad” on the floor for days. Cats grieve, too. My mum’s cat grieved when my cat died. They grew up together and for the first few days after my cat died, my mum’s cat would lie and sleep in the cat litter, which he never did while my cat was still alive. He would also roam through the house for days as if he was looking for my cat.


1992 Luzie und Pascha crop

My cat Luzie on the left, my mum’s cat Pascha on the right


I don’t know where my brother’s cats are. I hope the 2 they were able to catch found a good home again and the third will let people get close again.





I saw this video on Facebook of a cat who watches a video of their owner who died.


Cats grieve, too:



In memory of my big brother, Thomas 25.02.1969 – 09.12.2014



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