Only after a death does Pret listen?!


Now I understand why there were some changes with the labeling two years ago, but now urgency! We weren’t even briefed that a customer died from a Pret baguette due to lack of labeling!

9 other complaints from customers with six of them allergic reactions with one almost dying, but someone’s death finally got Pret to act?! Devastating!

The girl looked at the ingredients before she bought the baguette. It did not list that there were sesame seeds in the bread to which she was allergic and lost her life.


A quote from the BBC News website:

“Pret A Manger did not label “artisan” baguettes as containing sesame seeds despite six allergic reaction cases in the year before a girl died, an inquest has heard.

There were nine cases of sesame-related allergy incidents in the year before Natasha died, including six that involved “artisan baguettes”, according to a complaint log for the company.

In one of these cases a woman nearly died after suffering an anaphylactic reaction from a baguette in October 2015, West London Coroner’s Court heard.

Jeremy Hyam QC said the customer’s family afterwards gave Pret A Manger a “specific warning”, but the chain still failed to label sandwiches with allergy information.


Speechless! My heart breaks for her family and her father who tried to safe her life.





5 thoughts on “Only after a death does Pret listen?!

  1. It seems that the headway being made in the 90s has been lost – i have several friends with allergies and intolerances and they are just ignored. Our youngest son is allergic to shellfish – anaphylactic – and the number of restaurants that fail to clean down for each cooking session is appalling. So yes, deep sadness for the cost of life.

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    1. Yes, Pret being warned and approached 9 times the year leading up to Natasha’s death, with one mother writing to Pret because her 17 yr old daughter almost died as well, this one will be a big warning to food places.

      I am very shocked and devastated, and sadly I am not surprised at Pret’s negligence.

      Years ago in some shops we worked in mice infested places. We constantly had to get the internal pest control people in to fix the situation. As staff members we even suggested to close the shop for a few days and fix it ourselves.

      Nada. Nothing was done UNTIL an Environmental Health Officer from the government (EHO) did a routine visit to one of the shops and had to close it down completely due to pest problems.

      ONLY then did Pret react in a panic and went the opposite direction for a while sacking managers and penalizing any- and everyone who happened to be in a shop with pest problem.

      An outside pest control company was commissioned to do regular checks and train management etc. Since then when pest started again, which is normal in London, London is full of rats and mice, but with adequate training, proofing of the property and the right pest control company, it is dealt with in no time.

      But many heads of shop staff had to roll AFTER an EHO closed a shop, whereas before Pret was blind and deaf to the outcries from staff.

      I requested a transfer at one point to not work anymore with mice running around in a FOOD place!

      Now the problem is minimized with adequate company checking regularly.

      But with this young lady’s death, totally non-acceptable to ignore warnings. I said it somewhere already regarding bullying etc. Pret needs a new leadership if they want to restore their reputation and trust again, starting form the CEO who patronized me calling me his “late night girl” in my illness and the whole toxic HR dept needs a revamp in leadership!

      The JAB deal seems to not be through yet, as staff are still waiting for the promised £1000 that the CEO made in the night Pret became aware of my blog here.

      Well, good luck Pret! You are finally seen as what’s really behind the shiny PR(et) facade!

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      1. yes, it beggars belief that they are so blind, very sad, and awful for the young woman whose life was taken by this company’s negligence.Your experience is not isolated, even here we have similar probs with big companies flaunting the law.


      2. Yes, I don’t give up hope that something will change. Look at the #metoo movement where for decades people were sexually harrassed, pressured into silence, and now look at Bill Cosby, Weinstein, several other public people and people in general standing up. Who would have thought these powerful people would ever get to justice.

        The same it is with large corporations, the time always comes where their deeds will bite them back in the butt. My hope though is that big bosses not only are made responsible, but that TRUE change comes and laws being made and enforced.

        The world has become like this frog that has been simmering slowly to its death, nicely lulled in the warm water not realizing they are being slowly boiled….

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