Pret A Body Language



Ok, the nervous but calculated posture of Clive Schlee versus the relaxed hands-in-pockets “Director of Risk” (whatever that means!) Jonathan Perkins (in the background) who quickly changed his posture…

Just judge for yourselves if this is truly being sorry about a person’s death (from 2 years ago) or Pret doing the PR(et) thing once again… naturally…

After the patronizing, self-assured response to an open letter in 2015:


2018-09-28 Another OPEN LETTER_2


Well done Clive, you looked convincing!

Outstanding Card!




“I am Clive Schlee, I am the CEO of Pret A Manger… and I got caught doing the wrong thing naturally…”


Please stop being the Ronald McDonald for Pret!

People died. Her name was Emily.


Hands-in-pocket Director of whatever, sugar-coating…






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