I want to say Thank You


Thank you to those who passed on my story with Pret even though some of you just came across my site and never met me.

Thank you to those who passed on my story, retweeted, put on your Facebook Wall, sent emails… even though I flipped out at times and you just held on ….

Most of all, thank you for BELIEVING me!! Many people just shrug it off or don’t believe me, with some even getting angry, one responded to my message (1 message) saying “why are you harassing me, I love Pret!!” I immediately stopped “harassing” anyone who doesn’t want their bubble burst. And I just keep going elsewhere.


“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”

Friedrich Nietzsche



I am so tired of campaigning and I am so devastated and shocked of what happened to this young lady Natasha, her family, her father who had the horrific task to try and save her… I cannot even begin to imagine the nightmares he has at nights, and will have for the rest of his life in seeing his precious daughter die right in front of him from unnecessary neglect of a greedy profit-driven company! I even worked in 2016 in Pret when Natasha died, and we were never even informed or any urgency to be diligent with the labeling, nothing! Having worked in Pret is my biggest regret in life and I am ashamed to have given so much sweat, blood, tears and skill to them.


My heart goes out to Natasha’s family and friends!

If I would have been the Team Leader in Heathrow that day, and later found out that a customer died on my shift, I would have resigned immediately! Immediately.

I have blogged and logged and ranted and raved about Pret’s brutal work conditions and arrogance, but I’m tired now.

I plead for Clive Schlee to resign and for those responsible to be prosecuted in a court of law because of the arrogance to feel invincible to keep destroying people’s lives.

Her name was Emily.


I want to thank many people, but I want to name just those who stuck it out on social media while I was out of my mind at times in anger and anxiety, and those who immediately understood without knowing me.


Paul you are a very kind soul!



Ian Hodson

thank you for your patience. Please don’t give up but take care of yourself as well, take a break as well.



Kate Louise

The first to re-post my story.



I don’t know you, but you are super supportive and kind.



Rebecca Nahid

Rebecca, you are right, but I think it’s not 80%, it is 95% or more. But I did my best. Thank you so much!







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