And Another-Six (from a friend)


A friend emailed me this last weekend regarding his visit to Pret the weekend before, quote:


“I was in a Pret last weekend and noticed a distinct lack of labelling which I thought was probably due to how busy it was as so many customers were sheltering from the rain. I knew what I wanted and found it easily enough but it didn’t even have an identity/price label on the cabinet, let alone potential allergy advice. So they clearly still haven’t learnt their lesson, although the company would probably blame the local staff.”


Pret and Clive Schlee will get away with murder and JAB stand by their man!


Pret came with below the average of labelling food products and certainly way above average of killing a customer, as well as having put several others into hospital with even more having suffered reactions and one also almost fatal. Where PR(et) will fail here, money will get them out of this one.







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