Be-Yourself-Unique Award




Rules (that can be broken):

  • Award 1 blogger (anonymously)
  • Ask to NOT be mentioned in return
  • Go to your neighbour and ask how they are (refrain from asking for a cup of sugar or milk)
  • Depending on their answer, go home if they are annoyed with you knocking at their door and or and
  • or if they are ok, stick around and just listen.


Other than that, be yourself. And keep blogging on people’s doors.


P.S. This of course is a silly irony post, but thinking about this further, I might actually turn this into a proper blog award with real rules.

But I just did this last night after I happened to make someone’s day by accident. And the thought to be less online and to reach out to a neighbour, or a person on the bus stop, or call a friend I haven’t spoken to in ages… give a smile to that elderly gentleman who is having coffee at a corner cafe… take my eyes off the screen or even newspaper and look people in the eyes and greet them just because…



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