HeRo Pia Meier & 700 Heroes


I still can’t get over this, what a company unanimously has done, kick-started by their HR (HeRo) boss Pia Meier! I still cry even now when I read / watch this story. HR, leadership and employees, combined support at its best! THIS is what HR should be there for, looking out for its workforce in the interest of ALL, employees AND employer.

There are good people in this world! And it doesn’t take much to help when everyone carries a little bit of a load that would have otherwise crushed the one person the load was on. I tear up every-time I think of this, as my experience with HR has been completely different and almost destroyed my life.

This is what HUMAN Resources should be like, HUMAN!



A true leader, defining what HeRo really stands for: Pia Meier, boss of Seidel’s HR department. I can never stop talking about this. I have learned since that this is only ONE story of their support for all their workforce. This is a very regular and common thing in this company Seidel GMBH & Co KG to be supporting any employee who has any kind of need that may affect their work and/or existential situation.

In my bereavement, if I would have worked in a company like this, I would not be where I am now, mentally unwell, jobless, living with anxiety and depression and just now starting to come to terms about my brother’s death. I hope more and more companies become like this in this cut throat money hungry world of Amazon, Pret A Manger, McDonald’s etc.


NEW updated and extended interview with HR boss Pia Meier with English subtitles.


3000+ hours overtime for a colleague Andreas Graf and his son Julius

Father able to take 1+ year off to care for ill son


There are too many heroes hidden behind all the bad news everywhere!


Pia Meier seidel-mitarbeiterhilfe

From left to right: Assistant HR boss Kai Deuker, Julius and father Andreas Graf, HR boss Pia Meier and CEO Dr. Andreas Ritzenhoff of Seidel GmbH & Co KG.


This company does not have a “bold” slogan of “Doing the right thing naturally”. They just do it without advertising a statement they don’t live up to. If the leadership of a company or organisation does not have certain values in place, it will trickle down through the ranks to the bottom of the barrel. Whatever is happening on the “bottom”, on the front lines of the business is a sign of what is happening at the top levels and what values are TRULY lived, not what the PR machine wants the public to see.

This company has this beautiful slogan which I believe after what they have done:

»The value of a company lies in the people who work for it and the spirit in which they do so.«

— Heinrich Nordhoff (1899-1968)


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