Writing Challenges


In these sub-pages I add all the writing challenge entries I participated in, as they get lost in my blog after a while.

I am looking into de-cluttering my website in time.

I place the writing challenges in the Mental Health section because it is helping me mentally to recover bit by bit. Once I de-cluttered my HP or started a different site I will re-organize again.

Each time I enter a word challenge via my blog (at the moment I am concentrating on the “99 Word” Flash Fiction and “3 Line” challenges), I will include them in this Mental Health section.

If you are a writer, amateur, professional, out of passion or an ardent reader, come join these amazing writer communities…


99 Word challenges

The Suitcase challenge:


The Yellow Tent challenge:


The “peering from the woods” – Deer Challenge:


3 Line Challenge, although I entered the challenge too late and may have done it wrong anyway as it doesn’t have 100 words. Still trying to understand the rules:

Operation Tetra Pak


All writings ©LateNightGirl.org




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