In the sub-pages of this section (hover over “Heroes” on the side panel above or click links below) I want to post what to me are heroes in today’s society. Everyday people, not matter if they are famous or not, rich or poor, no matter where they are from, no matter what background and status, any person who has made an impact in other people’s and/or even one person’s, your and my lives that changed them or their situation for the better, no matter how big or small the deed.

These heroes at least had some kind of impact in my life, regardless how big or small, and being an inspiration for me to look further and keep getting up again for another day.

I hope this “hero” list will expand beyond all the painful things I am writing about regarding my trauma with Pret A Manger.

Heroes in no particular order, all heroes are on the top of the list and I leave the random order as it appears once I add a new hero of mine:

Caryn Walker Survivor

Manager of Churches Shoe shop in London

Elin Ersson Student halting flight against deporting man to Afghanistan

Ian Hodson and the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union

Karamo Brown bringing respect to this generation

Alison Cameron Fellow blogger, survivor and writer

Carrot Ranch Literary Community The Congress of Rough Writers

Kallum and Matt Rogers

Maasai Cricket Warriors “playing” for their sisters

My Fellow Blogger ☺️ Pᶓȵfĩℓả 💕

Terry Crews speaking out against violence  and the abuse of power

HR Manager Pia Meier and 650+ employees


Andrej Stopa “ExPret”

Joan Baez (Joan “of” Baez!)

Helen Steel and David Morris, McLibel

Social-Bite.co.uk Cafe Chain putting their money where their mouth is!


The first hero I came up with, when the idea cams for a “Hero Section” I heard in this radio program below recently.

After initial introduction at the start, the story begins at around 10:22 min.



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