When people get so fed up that they lose their fear for bullying powers, they inspire generations.

I remember this news broadcast vividly when I was a kid watching this in awe!

Unfortunately no-one knows who this hero man is, and enough myths are floating around out there. But we’ll never know.

What’s incredible is that no-one joins him, everyone is still in their place leaving this man to do the kick-butting on his own. This man has a lot of anger to be doing this. He lost his fear and has this “enough is enough” attitude, that’s for sure. After years of oppression and “fear management” from the big guns, prolonged fear always leads to anger and finally standing up.

He even very calmly stands straight up when shots are fired. He still respects the order and leaves the tank, but not in a hurry and not ducking down. He then returns to his “rightful” place in front of the tank again. Phew! Beautiful.


Man vs Tank